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Sangha Insurance Agency LLC offers quality Medicare insurance in Iselin, NJ. Medicare is a federal insurance program that provides affordable healthcare to the elderly and disabled. If you are over the age of 65, you can enroll through the federal government to receive exceptional benefits. It is a critical aspect of American social programs designed to care for those that have paid into the system through taxes. Our job is to explain to you the process and match you with a program tailored to your needs.

Medicare solutions include: 

● Understanding the Marketplace—The health insurance marketplace is constantly evolving. In order to find the best healthcare plan, you need to work with an experienced insurance agent with in depth knowledge into the system. This ensures you are receiving proper benefits and minimizing out-of-pocket costs. For example, Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs, but an individual must choose which private company to receive services through.

● The Benefits of Medicare—Medicare is superior insurance capable of covering expenses. As we age, the likelihood we will need serious medical care increases. If you are without proper coverage, you could be held liable for these mounting costs. By enrolling in Medicare, you can get the following covered: extended hospital stays, long-term hospice care, advanced testing for critical diseases, quality of life surgeries, seeing a specialist, and much more.

● Out-of-Pocket Expenses—Lastly, you must consider out-of-pocket expenses when choosing the right Medicare program. If you have met the minimum tax requirements for Part A, you can receive the Part A benefits without paying a premium. Part B, C, and D programs may or may not require a premium. For programs that do require a premium, it may be deducted from your social security. Our goal is to minimize your costs by selecting the right coverage.

Medicare has many rules and regulations. The agents at Sangha Insurance Agency LLC will help you understand your rights and responsibilities. 

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